Dylan’s revenge!

Dyls was up for it tonight. We went for long walk in the woods in the afternoon and worked on our strategy. Me: Dyls it's not long to the Good Citizen exam, we have to step up our game. Dyls: Yeah whatever, ooh is that a squirrel. I could have that! OK, maybe I was … Continue reading Dylan’s revenge!

And so Dylan invaded France….

Bonjour mes amies! So a perfect spring break was in store. Dylan and I, plus our friends Jenny and Russ squashed into my little Peugeot - and believe me it was bursting at the seams with all sorts of weird - Marmite crisps, smoked paprika - and wonderful things our French hosts and friends Mois … Continue reading And so Dylan invaded France….

8 things I didn’t know before getting a puppy

1. A relaxing bath would be a thing of the past The other night I found some lovely expensive bath oil - leftover from my old life - and decided to have a bit of me time. Sink into the warm, fragrant water - and relax. Errr no! This did not suit Dylan at all … Continue reading 8 things I didn’t know before getting a puppy

Time for a real drink!

Good news - puppy class ended 25 minutes early tonight. Bad news, that’s 25 minutes extra gin time and trust me tonight it’s time to go for the big guns and get the Heston out! Dylan was beyond excited going into puppy class - after all she’s had a week to work out how to … Continue reading Time for a real drink!

A Welshie, a Collie, a Cockerpoo and a large gin!

Things we learnt at puppy class tonight.... never underestimate a Welshie! Tonight a show judge was at puppy class with her 6month old collie who was the most trained and well behaved puppy I think I have ever seen! So we line up for the first exercise - sit stay - Dylan and I end … Continue reading A Welshie, a Collie, a Cockerpoo and a large gin!