Time for a real drink!

Good news – puppy class ended 25 minutes early tonight. Bad news, that’s 25 minutes extra gin time and trust me tonight it’s time to go for the big guns and get the Heston out!

Dylan was beyond excited going into puppy class – after all she’s had a week to work out how to take down Martha the Schnauzer – and pushed the door open with her two front paws in her rush to get inside. It’s a trick she’s taught herself this week – the poor cats have no sanctuary now! Did her usual meet and greet and realised Martha was missing – as was Eddie the Cockerpoo. Mmm…have they finally waved the white flag? But Dylan is nothing if not enterprising and she scoped the room for a new playmate and settled on Boo the cavapoo. As Dyls scampered over to Boo, I swear you could see the fear in Boo’s mums eyes. She knew it was not going to be an easy night! Boo meantime seemed delighted at being chosen as Dylan’s new partner in crime. So chaos ensued. Dylan, like a teenage girl whose boring mum has tagged along to a party with her, decided she didn’t know me, couldn’t hear me, and certainly wasn’t going to obey me – or anyone!

B2E0A75B-42A1-47F2-AC82-C357875F5EE9.jpeg Dylan soon had Boo, usually a lovely, quiet little puppy bouncing around, coming to Dylan not her mum on off lead recall. In fact it was like a teenage party with Dylan being that girl who is the ringleader!
Boo’s mum did a lot of nervous laughter, I did a lot of apologising .
Then we had to walk backwards getting our puppies to sit and then come forward to us. Dyls did it once then decided to lay spread out resting her head on one paw and watch with disdain as the other suckers/obedient puppies did it. Be firm with her the trainer said. Welshies need that she said. She’ll do it for me the trainer said. Well that worked out well! Using all her years of training – and she is a good trainer- she tried every trick she knew to get Dylan to stand and move. But nope, Dyls was quite happy to slide across the floor on her belly like a mop! I think Dylan may have broken her as she confessed she has a tipple or two on Monday nights now!
As we left, the reasons for the shorter class arrived. Perfectly behaved dogs about to sit their Good Citizen Bronze test.
Something you can all work towards said the trainer. Well almost all, she then added. Whoever could she mean!

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