8 things I didn’t know before getting a puppy

CCA668CD-C6DA-407A-811C-5C6BA3332C7C1. A relaxing bath would be a thing of the past

The other night I found some lovely expensive bath oil – leftover from my old life – and decided to have a bit of me time. Sink into the warm, fragrant water – and relax. Errr no! This did not suit Dylan at all as she barged her way into the bathroom, put two paws on the edge of the bath, started barking and did not stop until I got out. Which was in less than 7 minutes!

2. Getting ready to go out takes soooooo much longer 

Seems Dylan fancies herself as chief hair stylist/ make up artist. Well she must, as she grabs the hairbrushes and runs off. Ever tried blow drying your hair with a Welshie on your lap who refuses to move? And as for putting on make up – let’s put it this way, it’s just as well I always liked the Alice Cooper look.94DB486B-0F5B-4304-95F1-D5581E547B26.jpeg

3. I’d get excited about buying wellies,

Previously the Imelda Marcos of Essex, my shoe buying habit has changed forever. Since when did I get excited about Kangol wellies instead of LK Bennett cute little kitten heels. Let’s see about five months ago…D950627C-BC22-4997-9617-0BE428EF798B

4. Love me, love my dog

Yep that’s the deal  – and already Dyls has seen two off! But this one is non negotiable. On the list of things NOT to say, coming in at No.1 is:- “It’s me or the dog!” Ok, bye then!

5. I’d start drinking on Monday nights

Monday night = puppy class. Puppy class = mayhem. Mayhem = I need wine… or gin… or vodka… or… OK, you get the picture! A480674A-91AE-4377-AB39-BAC5B96F3291.jpeg

6. That I’d make so many new friends

On our walks, through to the Welsh terrier fan club I belong to, I have met so many new and lovely people. There’s nothing like a puppy or dog to break the ice and get people talking. Oh, and finding so many new interesting places that I never knew existed right on my doorstep has been an adventure too! Even if Fridays at one park can be a bit iffy! (See What happens in the park)IMG_0600

7.Cleaning takes on a whole new meaning

And takes twice as long! After all there’s the hoover to be barked at, the mop to fight with, dusters to be chewed, washing to be dragged out of the machine – didn’t you know, it’s all listed in Chapter Three of the puppy handbook – I must help around the house!

8.That Dylan would make me laugh everyday

And she does. From the way she bounces around the garden like Tigger, to doing leaps and twirls in the air when she’s getting a treat. The way she she loves watching Supervet, and tries to climb inside the TV or runs behind it to check out where the dogs are! The way she barks at her reflection in the window. Dylan’s irrepressible spirit, trust, curiosity, love of life and unconditional love of people is infectious. I think I’ve caught it from her. And maybe that’s the best thing of all.IMG_0559

5 thoughts on “8 things I didn’t know before getting a puppy

  1. Oh so love your blog Karen, we have four dogs and two cats now including a new kitten. The kitten is reminding me how energetic they can be as it jumps up and lands on the curtains! 😩😂

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