A Welshie, a Collie, a Cockerpoo and a large gin!

IMG_0568Things we learnt at puppy class tonight…. never underestimate a Welshie!

Tonight a show judge was at puppy class with her 6month old collie who was the most trained and well behaved puppy I think I have ever seen! So we line up for the first exercise – sit stay – Dylan and I end up next to the show judge and collie. At this point Dylan was bouncing around like Tigger . Show judge then turned to me and said “your puppy won’t dare to get in a collies face”.

Uh oh …in Dylan speak and I think in Welshie speak that translates to “Game on”!

We got through sit stay stand and down perfectly and tbh I started looking at Dyls thinking “mmm have aliens abducted my puppy.”

Then she looked up at me and in that moment I just knew….

The off lead recall saw Dylan zooming over to the collie, taking a flying leap onto the collies back – who looked shocked but still stood there, Dylan because she is quick, evaded the show judges grasp, wiggled under the collies belly, up round the side of her then leapt up and indeed got in her face!

At which point the collie forgot all her training and started tussling/playing with Dylan, despite the show judges best efforts to control the situation. Not helped by Eddie the cockerpoo, who tonight was Robin to Dylan’s Batman, and decided this was a good game and joined in!

Red faced (me) and panting (Dylan) finally order was restored and we moved to the final task of the night – going through the dreaded gate. See previous post!

So of course the collie was used to demonstrate and of course did it perfectly.  The show judge then called Dyls and I up first. Mmmm suspect it was to show the contrast between perfection and mayhem.

Much to her dismay Dylan did it perfectly – gotta admit I was surprised but hey ho take the wins where you can.

We were about to return to our seats when the show judge asked us to do the gate exercise again.

It all started well – Dylan sat down very primly in front of the gate. I opened the gate, went through, Dylan waited to be called like a little statue. I called Dylan, slowly she got up, walked to the gate, got to the middle, squatted and did the most enormous poo while looking intently at the show judge! Think it was Dylan’s way of saying get stuffed!

Unsurprisingly, after that class was abandoned!
The collie left the building with one last look at Dyls as if to say “respect” and “that was fun “ and the show judge was last heard muttering “and that’s why I don’t do Welshies!”

So tonight it’s an upgrade on the alcohol as the dream of Crufts fades rapidly into the background!IMG_0609.JPG

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