Seemed like a good plan!

This week I came up with a cunning plan in readiness for tonight’s puppy class. I took Dylan for a walk later than usual, and went confidently to class with a chilled out Welshie trotting sedately beside me. Yay, Dylan’s excess energy all burnt off, this will be a good night!

Yep took all of five minutes for that dream to shatter!
Because as the doors swung open there stood Martha the miniature Schnauzer newly graduated from beginners class and Dylan’s ‘frenemy’! 😮
She might be tiny, but boy that Schnauzer takes no prisoners. And neither does Dyls.
Even Eddie the huge cockerpoo took refuge behind the chairs when he saw that the girls were together again!
At this point I started wishing I had a hip flask with me. (Actually think Eddie would have joined me in a couple of shots!)
When Dylan and Martha were together in their previous class they caused mayhem. But without Dylan’s influence it seems Martha is now a changed puppy.
Heel walks round the hall and Martha scampers perfectly alongside her mum. Dylan meanwhile decides that’s far too boring and it’s much more fun to add a few little leaps and twirls. Keeps it interesting!
Recall and Martha aces it. As does Dylan, but in her own time and despite me and two trainers calling whooping and urging her on, have seen tortoises that have moved faster!
Solo off lead walk and again mini Martha walked perfectly, oblivious to the other dogs she passed until she got to Dylan – and she couldn’t really ignore Dyls because in a performance that would have made Meryl Streep proud, Dylan threw herself in front of Martha, rolled over with her legs in the air, got herself upright and did the most enormous unladylike burp!
Which does make me question the “Elegant” part of her KC name.
So again the wine is out and I am pretty sure that Dylan is coming up with her own cunning plan on how to get Martha back to the dark side!


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