What do you call yours!

I have been musing over what we call our dogs.

Probably because I’ve just got back from the gym and Dylan has tried – successfully I might add – to untie my trainer laces which I didn’t notice until I tripped over them and nearly fell down the stairs.

Mmm…. judging by the smirk on her face, not sure that wasn’t the purpose of that little game – methinks my Welshie is trying to kill me!

In fact, thinking about it, she’s started jumping up and pulling on my scarves too half choking me. Thank goodness she can’t get to the knife drawer!

Well the air turned blue, and Dylan got called a little bugger (not for the first time and that’s the polite version ) which started me thinking about all the names I call her.

Obviously Dylan. Which I love because of the connection to her Welsh heritage – even if she is a girl Besides, I tried cute girl names out the day I brought her home, and though good names – Lucy, Nia and Emmie didn’t suit this chubster puppy who was stomping around the house. Making herself at home. Looking for mischief. Situation normal.

Then there’s Dyls when she’s being puppyish.

Dilly Dyl Dyls when we are having cuddles

Miss Dylan first thing in the morning as in Good morning Miss Dylan and how are you today?

The aforementioned – You little bugger when she’s being very naughty

Little monster is usually reserved for when she is terrorising the cats or other visiting humans

Monkey when she runs away with something she shouldn’t.

Elegant Eirwen – her never used KC name – great name , but elegant, Dyls oh no!

Dilly bubs when we are out walking

Bubbas – again when she comes for cuddles usually at night before she puts herself to bed .

My mum hated nicknames and shortened names, so she called my brothers and I names that weren’t easily messed with. And I have to say I usually feel the same

Yet here I am with a repertoire of names for Dylan and then I wonder why she ignores me when I call her by her proper name at puppy class!

So am I the only one, or do you have a list of names for your pup? Lets have some weekend fun. Time to share!

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