Never ask a lady her age!

Puppy class resumed somewhat later than planned after the holidays as our trainer was unwell.

Thankfully nothing serious – probably the thought she was starting the new term with Dylan still in her class caused her to lay in a darkened room with a cold compress across her forehead!

It’s all change at class. Molly and Boo the Cavapoos, Aslan the Leonberger and Ruby the black lab have passed their Good Citizen Bronze and have moved to the next class.

Dylan? Well we’re still here.

We had a team talk before class.

Me: “Dyls, this is serious now, no more messing about we have to get this Bronze. ”

Dyls: Stink eye, yawn and a scratch.

I moved to serious threats. Oh yes Dylan has been told there’ll be no more digestive biscuit treats if she acts up.

That’s what it’s come to.

So back we went to a lesson full of lively puppies all moved up from the starter class.

Dylan looked somewhat bemused. Where were her friends?

Oh well never mind, Dylan set about making friends with the newbies. Brandy a chocolate lab became an instant favourite. And she took a shine to Luna a golden doodle.

But suddenly in came Binks, the Labrador puppy that deprived Dylan of victory in the musical chairs game at the Christmas party.

And I don’t think Dyls has forgotten it. She’s not one to take defeat graciously!

So Binks and her mum came over to us.

Dylan glared at Binks who had the grace to go into submission mode. Good move.

But Bink’s mum was ready.

“Oh Dylan’s still here then” she said loudly.

“How long has she been coming to this class?”

Me : “A year “.

“Oh wow, that’s a long time, is she a problem to train then?”

Me: “She’s a Welsh Terrier, they have minds of their own”

“She’s very big isn’t she?”

Really, I know Dyls has grown, but she’s hardly a pot bellied pig!

Didn’t say that but thought it!

Bink’s mum continued.

“How old is Dylan ” This was said even more loudly so most of the class turned and started listening.

Me doing a quick calculation:”Dylan is 18 months ”

“Oh hardly a puppy then, should you both be here. Isn’t it time to give up”.

Well the cheek of it!

But then something amazing happened.

Brandy’s dad and most of the other class members sprang to our defence.

“Anyone who knows anything about dogs knows that Welshies are highly intelligent, but aren’t the easiest dogs to train, unlike our labs. We went for the easy option”.

I could have kissed that man. Dylan did!

The trainer came over. “I don’t think age matters, Dylan makes this class and she is welcome for as long as she wants to come.”

So with Binks mum shot down in flames, class began.

Dylan gave me a look as we started with the gate that said “I’ve got this” and indeed she had. A perfect performance.

Off lead recall and Dylan meandered up the hall on the first lap. Then sat and yawned before deciding to saunter to me on the second round.

Meanwhile Binks was all over the place and did a huge wee much to her mums consternation.

Dylan turned looked at me and did a hummphing noise.

Mind you given Dylan’s past activities in that regard, I did think it was a bit hypocritical!

Dyls did sit and stay perfectly but by the time we came to off lead walk round the room she was bored.

So the first stretch she was fine. On the second she decided to shoot over to the side and show the other puppies exactly what you should do with a mop. Which in Dylan’s world has nothing to do with cleaning a floor.

Instead she clattered around the room with it in her mouth, the trainer and I in hot pursuit, and accidentally – I think – managed to whack Bink’s mum on the leg before racing to the other end of the room, where she dropped the mop and let out the most enormous burp.

The look on her face said “Take that”!

The class clapped and I caught the trainer doing a wry smile before she caught Dyls and whispered “That’s my girl”.

So tonight I have been driven to drink – Rioja- and so Dry January is broken.

Dylan is eyeing the biscuit tin. Do I give in to her? Well maybe just the one. Who can resist that face!

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