Ho ho no! It’s the puppy class Christmas party!

So after missing the last two weeks puppy class as I was full of cold one week and worked late the other, Dylan and I were back for the puppy social event of the year- the puppy Christmas party.

Now in our absence, turns out that the Cavapoos and original members of Dylan’s girlband, Molly and Boo, had both passed their Good Citizen Bronze award.

This news didn’t seem to faze Dyls, I think she had already decided her time with the girls was coming to an end – bit like Geri and Robbie when they ditched Spice Girls and Take That.

And besides there were all sorts of new puppies for Dylan to meet and greet at the party. We arrived fashionably late and Dyls got busy introducing herself. This party was for beginner puppies and puppy class plus (Dylan’s class).

It seems Dylan’s reputation has spread. “Oh this is Dylan, she’s so cute”, said one puppy mum, as her little Cavapoo Hugo got jumped on by Dyls. “We’ve all heard about her – is it true she peed and threw up on the trainers feet?”. Mmm yes.

“Is it true you’ve ended up in the broom cupboard loads of times?” Errr yes.

“Is it true Dylan stole sausages from the table?” Mmm yes and probably best to stop right there!

Meanwhile Dyls was sitting tilting her head from side to side as her finest moments were recounted. And looking very pleased with herself she was too! I think 2018 has been a good year in Dylan’s Welshie World.

Our trainer came over, “Sorry Dyls didn’t get to take the award, she’ll do it early next year and she will pass, even if I have to give her private lessons.”

At this point Dylan looked at her and yawned and I realised I have turned into a woman who is thinking about extra tuition for her puppy!

But back to the party.

First up musical chairs which Dylan won last year. Sadly, it was not to be repeated as down to the last two and Dyls despite having a wobbly Welshie bottom of considerable proportions, did not manage to plant it on the paper chair before Binks the Chocolate lab.

Dylan gave Binks a true Welshie stink eye death stare and stomped down the hall.

Next up was Don’t do as I Say. Let’s face it if there’s a game made for Welshies to excel in this surely has to be it!

So we walked round the hall, when the music stopped you commanded (Ok stop laughing at the back!) your puppy to get into a position and if it was the one the trainer pulled from a hat you were out.

Dylan naturally assumed whatever position she fancied. Sit, stand, slid into the frog position, rolled on her back legs in the air, funnily enough we were doing quite well in this one until Dyls got distracted by the arrival of Ebony the Airedale whose mum had come to help out.

Of course, Dyls had to race over to say hello. Though whenever she sees Ebony just for a minute you can see the confusion on her face – “You look like me, you are one of my people, but WOW you are BIG! “

So we forfeited that game.

But the big one was next – the egg and spoon where last year Dylan reigned supreme in a record breaking time. Could we do it again?

First round and it was Dylan against Titch, a miniature Spaniel and Bex, a Husky. Dylan scooted round the cones up and back and left the others trailing in her wake.

Semi final and Dylan stood on the start line eyeing up the competition – Hugo the Cavapoo and Missy, a pug.

Dyls looked at them, looked at me and I knew she wasn’t going to let these two get the better of her. And she didn’t.

The final and we were up against our old rival Binks, the Chocolate lab. Now this lab is frisky and fast. Dyls can move when she wants – especially when she’s got something in her mouth she shouldn’t have – but could she triumph and hold onto her title?

At the halfway stage Binks was slightly ahead. Dyls looked over and went into Welshie warp speed. I had the egg on the spoon in one hand and Dylan on the lead in the other.

The egg teetered on the spoon, Dylan leapt for the finish line, so did Binks. But disaster struck, as Binks leapt, he knocked his owners arm and their egg went flying through the air, landing in front of the trainers – luckily it was hard boiled!

Dylan and I crossed the finish line first and we both celebrated by bouncing in the air like Tigger! Well you have to take the wins when you can with a Welshie!

Dyls got a purple bag filled with treats as her prize and insisted carry it round with her, like a badge of honour!

The trainers were presented with flowers for all their hard work over the year – thoroughly deserved and the party was over.

At home, Dyls munched happily on her selection bag of treats, I had a seasonal tipple – can’t beat a Baileys at this time of year and that’s it for puppy class until we start again next January. A year in puppy plus – apparently it’s a record! Oh well!

Today it’s like the morning after the night before, Dylan is worn out and is even leaving the cats alone!

So to everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and if you have a puppy due to start puppy class next year please don’t let Dylan put you off!

6 thoughts on “Ho ho no! It’s the puppy class Christmas party!

  1. So glad Dylan won something , she really deserves it.
    Can’t wait until January when you start 2019.
    Thank you so much for letting us follow the wonderful Dylan’s antics.
    Love and Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year
    Ann, Mike and Dez 💕💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

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