The vet is my new best friend!

Well amazingly Dylan made it to a year old – despite the trip to the vets.

And on Sunday had her birthday party with Harley and Wiglet.

Squirty cream and sponge cake with a candle of course!

Mmmmm, maybe only dog owners will get that bit. Others may just think I am mad – but hey who cares!

It was a scorching hot day in France, so Dyls was dunked in the pool at regular intervals to keep cool.

She’s got a routine, quick dip in the pool followed by zoomies round the garden – and repeat.

Harley loves the pool too, and after his operation on a ruptured herniated disc, last year, it’s a joy to see him bounce up the side of the pool demanding you splash water for him to chase, barking loudly as he tries to catch the drops.

Not so relaxing is being in the pool, when his little head pops up over the side and you dare to ignore him for a few minutes.

Then you get a full on bark and his Welshie death stare – needless to say we all give in quite quickly!

So Dylan was zooming around the garden, leaping up at Rich who was carrying a reluctant Wiglet to the pool, when disaster struck.

As she leapt she snagged her claws – and they bled.

We leapt into action. Her paws were bathed, the bleeding stopped and anti septic was applied.

The next day she seemed better – a slight limp here and there.

I tried to keep her from doing her usual running around at 100 miles an hour – yes that worked out well!

But the following day, my little Dyls was limping again and seemed far from her usual, happy bouncy self.

So yep you guessed back to the vets.

Now if Dyls was difficult to examine with her ear last week, this week she was even worse with her paw.

I held her as her head whipped round ready to stop the vet touching her paw.

Who knew such a big growl could come out of a little dog!

We tried everything but Dyls refused to have anything touched or looked at.

So with heavy heart Dyls had to have yet another very light sedation so she could be examined.

And once again we were back to the agonising wait to pick her up.

I am worried that Dyls is growing up into a dog that has a problem with vets or certain groomers touching her.

I hate that she had to be lightly sedated yet again, but what were the options, she had to be looked at and treated.

We picked her up. Dyls was fine. Turns out she had split two claws, but the anti inflammatory had started to work and she was no longer limping.

The vet – who is fast becoming a firm friend- smiled as she told us Dylan has to rest for five days and have five days of anti inflammatories.

Be very strict with her and keep her on a lead – even in the garden, the vet said.

Dylan gave her the Harley death stare.

Did it quite well actually.

So at the moment I have the sulkiest puppy in the world.

But she’s not in pain. Is not limping and I am sure that in her Welshie mind, she’s already planning how to wreak revenge when she is finally off the leash!

So in readiness, we have, yep you’ve guessed it, stocked up on a few bottles of Cab Sav – bargain at €2 a bottle. Just as well as we think we will be needing a solid supply for when Dyls makes her full on Welshie comeback!

God help us all!

5 thoughts on “The vet is my new best friend!

  1. Poor Dylan! Wishing her a speedy recovery. My Chihuahua used to have wear a muzzle when she went to the vet. Now that she’s older (and slower) it’s no longer required. Hopefully, Dylan outgrows her vet aversion, too.

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