Growing up too fast!

So today has been emotional.

I guess unless you are a dog owner, you might not get it – but today Dylan had her first real grown up cut.

And I admit I shed a tear before I took her to the groomers, and again when I left her there.

Naturally, Dyls skipped off with the groomer without giving me a backward glance!

No wonder someone asked at puppy class if Dyls was really my dog or had I borrowed her!

That puppy has no separation issues at all – which is why I keep ending up in the broom cupboard at class. See previous blog!

I think the cut signifies Dyls is fast becoming a dog and not a puppy anymore.

She’s ten months old and the time had just flown by.

I remember someone saying to me when I got Dyls to take lots of photos, videos and enjoy every second of her puppyhood. It was the best advice ever.

I did, and this time with her has been so precious.

I know she’s still technically a puppy – and as most people say, one of the naughtiest puppies they’ve ever met – but today is a turning point.

A reminder that nothing stands still and time moves on whether we like it or not.

When I got her back from the groomers, she looked like a proper Welshie – but oh so tiny without the masses of puppy fluff!

Cue more tears.

And the report from the groomer was Dyls was a good girl, but very quickly worked out how to turn the hairdryer off with her paw – and did it every time the groomer started to dry her!

The groomer told me she’s never had a dog let alone a puppy do that before.

Yay Go Dylan!

Yep my little Welshie is one clever pup and knows exactly what she is doing – does explain a lot about her behaviour at puppy class!

So Dylan is sleek, smelling gorgeous and with a pink bow in her collar, which she managed to pull off by the time we got home – such a tomboy!

I love her scruffy puppy look, but I know this is the sensible option for summer and the warm weather – especially when we pack up and move to a warmer climate next month.

It’s right, it’s sensible, Dyls still looks cute, so why do I still feel sad?

I think it’s about time flying and changes happening thick and fast.

So much has happened in a year that sometimes I can hardly keep up with my own life!

Now I have a business that allows me mostly to work from anywhere.

A new volunteering role which I love and get so much from, plus I work with a great bunch of lovely, funny people who are becoming firm friends.

And I have my bouncy puppy who gets into trouble every day! And very often leads me into trouble too!

A year ago I was unhappy with work and knew I needed to make changes. It was affecting all areas of my life.

So I did leap off that cliff and though I haven’t landed safely yet, the flight down has been an adventure – and I have learned so much about myself on the way down.

And the adventure continues.

So to anyone out there who is feeling unsure or unhappy, I would say go for it, make a change, see what happens. Perhaps the saddest thing in life is to have ‘What If’s’ .

It doesn’t have to be a big change small is good too – but don’t waste time just “settling” when there is always another road.

Oh and of course as far as I’m concerned, that road is even better with a Welshie by your side!

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