Secret Diary of Dylan, aged seven and a half months!

Hi everyone, its me, its Dylan! Mum turned her back for a minute – not a smart move with a Welshie around, but bless her she’s not fully trained yet – so I have made off with her I pad!

I’ve heard what mum has been saying about me, especially at puppy class, (mmm not happy about her making out I’m a drama Queen) and I think its time you got my point of view. After all there’s two sides to every story right?

I don’t want to be to mean to my mum, cos I love her – and besides if I am she might not cook me chicken and rice tonight and I gotta keep my little belly full, I’m a growing girl – but the fact is, she’s not a puppy. And more to the point, she’s not a Welshie puppy, so there’s things that go on in my mind that she will never get.

Like when she sings to me. How shall I put this, mum wouldn’t get anyone turning for her on The Voice – not even my fellow countryman Tom Jones. But to keep her happy I nod and tilt my head and try to look interested, when really I am thinking about my dinner, cats, squirrels, rolling in fox poo, plotting to get other puppies to join me on the dark side, world domination. You know all the usual Welshie stuff.

Two cats live with us, and I have so much fun chasing them – though that Harry thinks he is Usain Bolt. But I’m not giving up, I am a Welsh Terrier and failure is not an option.

Which brings me to puppy class. I love puppy class and I want to go there for ever and ever. Mum reckons we probably will. Yippee! The thing is I could do it standing on one paw, but where’s the fun in that? I know mum is making me watch Crufts in the hope (dream on) that I will pick up some tips. But I don’t want to be the class swot.

Unlike Martha the Schnauzer. She has gone from being my bestie to being a stuck up little madam. We had such fun at the Christmas party. Martha weeing on not one, but two sheets of paper that were on the floor when we did a puppy version of musical chairs – that was one of my favourite memories. She took my advice to hold it all in and let it all out at class . Proud of my girl that night.

Imagine my shock when she came into class and started doing all the exercises perfectly. I thought it was a game at first, then I realised she wasn’t joking. So of course it made sense to try and trip her up when she strutted by. Now she’s been moved to the advanced class – but never mind, I have two new PFF’s (that’s puppy friends forever) Molly, the cavapoo and Dotty the Spaniel. And I’m pleased to report that they are doing really well. Dotty mostly rolled around with her legs in the air the other night, and Molly has been practicing my signature move, and has almost perfected the mop. Good work girls!

Anyway, I get that the others need training in sit and stay and all that stuff, but to be honest I’ve been doing that since I was little. Especially if mum has my favourite treat – which by the way is a Kong filled with cheese – delish! But doing it over and over and over again gets sooooo boorrring! Which is why I find other things to do to keep my fizzing brain entertained. Can you blame me?

I am a bit annoyed they close the kitchen door now, as I do like a mop – either being one or stealing one. Ahh, that was a great night – everyone looked horrified – well mum looked embarrassed, though I reckon she was secretly thinking it was awesome – when I dragged it clanking round the hall. Yes it was three times bigger than me, but I am a Welshie and we are tough little buggers!

Oops shouldn’t be swearing at my age – but I do hear mum muttering it under her breath – she’s always saying “come here you little bugger” when I make her chase me round the dining table! I love that game! And it’s even better if I have something in my mouth that she wants, like the tv remote, her phone, or the best one yet, that mini bottle of wine! Wow, her face!

And her face when she lay on the chewy bone I had buried in her bed. Made me laugh. What does she expect when she encourages me to play hide, search and rescue. Not my fault I hadn’t got round to the rescue bit!

I like to hear what other puppies and graduates got up to in their classes. The WTFC has such great intel, I have loads of new ideas now, thanks guys, and please keep ‘em coming.  I won’t let you down – promise.

Uh oh mum has just realised I have her I pad. How much does she want it back I wonder? Definitely worth a few laps round the table and maybe I can hold on long enough that she’ll bribe me with a treat. Will give it a go! Ok Must dash, I have important puppy work to do now, so till next time…..

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