Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen!

Aha! The mystery of missing in action Martha the Schnauzer and Eddie the cockerpoo was solved tonight. Much to Dylan’s disgust – and yes it was written all over her face – it was revealed that both her former partners in crime have been moved to the super advanced puppy class. A class that Dyls and I are never likely to see. But it’s Ok as Dylan has her new sidekicks, Molly the cavapoo and Dotty the Spaniel, who are coming along very nicely thanks to Dylan’s alternative training class in terrierism! Think of them as the girls who rule the school, or even the Bitches of Eastwick. And their Jack Nicholson arrived in the shape of Teddy, a rather frisky Spaniel who started class tonight and who seems to have raging teenage hormones! Now Dyls has form with Spaniels – funnily enough it’s only Spaniels, she’s like cat nip to them – and Teddy was no exception. This leggy lothario made a beeline for Dyls. He ran to Dylan on off lead recall, ran to Dyls on off lead walk, dragged his mum over so he could sit next to Dyls. All the time Dyls ignored him, or used her paws to shove him away. Dylan clearly knows the treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen rule! Actually, thinking about it, is that what she is doing to me when she goes selectively deaf at puppy class…mmm…..

Where Dylan leads the other two follow, so poor Teddy found himself being boofed away by Molly and Dotty. Like many a teenage boy, he realised these three were just too much for him to handle, so turned his attentions to another newcomer, Tilly. Now Tilly is a Chug – have to confess I’d never heard of this breed. Turns out she’s a Chihuahua/pug cross and boy is she feisty!

As you know, Dyls likes to meet and greet everyone at the start of each class – well it is her party after all – but she got short shrift from Tilly who leapt at her barking and snarling. Dylan looked at her as if to say “WTF I am only being polite”. Not to be outdone Dyls barked back, then turned her back on this snappy little upstart. But the way Dyls kept her beady eyes on Tilly throughout the class, me thinks this is far from over! There’s a week for her to plot and plan!

So we begin with a test how long can you sit stay- the puppies that is not the puppy parents!Dylan lasted, oooh let’s see all, of ten seconds. Next task how long can you down stay. C’mon Dyls I said you can do this. She looked at me tilted her head, went into the perfect down and stayed. Yay! Success! And she stayed and stayed. In fact she overstayed. The trainer was impressed, I was proud , the others were stunned. Until I realised what was keeping Dylan lying so obediently at my feet. It was my feet, as all the time she was keeping herself amused by craftily undoing my laces – as I found out when we started to walk and I tripped over them. That cute Welshie grin she gave me seemed slightly more sinister tonight!

Off lead recall and first round was great, second round and Dylan decided she’d rather do a mid class meet and greet – well all apart from Teddy the frisky Spaniel whom she ignored – yet again.

Final task was off lead walk and sit, which last week thanks to her mentor Ollie, Dylan did perfectly. This week whole different ball game, literally, as Dylan started out on right path, but veered off and galloped – there is no other word for it – over to the toy box pulled a huge furry ball and decided she’d rather throw that in the air and catch it!

The trainer took it away from her, Dylan did a protest wee on the carpet – eek! not good form – and with that class ended.

Tonight I am drinking Prosecco, as I think there are small wins to celebrate, sorting out my chewed soggy laces and setting the planner to record Crufts – watch and learn Dyls, watch and learn!

7 thoughts on “Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen!

  1. So funny..I wish I could write like you because your puppy class is so similar to my experiences. Cooper had a thing with a Burnese Mountain Dog. Every and I mean every class Cooper had to practice his take down on this pup until finally the pup just would roll over on his back when we stepped thru the doorway. Cooper was just playing and knew he had the upper hand with this guy who was twice his However, we spent a lot of time in time outs and my grocery bill went up buying bottles of wine 😜

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