Dylan gets dropped!

Back at puppy class after a weeks break and Dylan was raring to go. Watch out world!

After all it’s only ten days until the Bronze Good Citizen test. Or is it?

Boo was missing tonight – seems she’s has started her second season and will miss the test. But Mollie the Cavapoo was back with a bang and bouncing around.

There was a new addition to class – Binks, a gorgeous Chocolate Spaniel, who of course took an instant shine to Dylan. Don’t they all!

Aslan, the Leonberger looked most put out!

The trainer was in no mood for such puppy shenanigans though. It was straight down to business. And that business was practising sit and stay.

None of the puppies could sit and stay for the required minute.

Hell Dylan didn’t even sit. Hell Dylan didn’t even acknowledge me. Hell Dylan was bouncing around like Tigger.

Finally she did sit. I had to drop her lead and move ten paces away from her. She looked at me and her little face lit up….freedom! And in Dylan world that means an opportunity to run like lightening to the corner and grab the mop and drag it round the room doing Welshie grrrs as she went.

After a tussle we freed the mop from her grip and moved nervously onto recall.

The other puppies having seen Dylan’s break for freedom, ran amok, scooting round the room -Aslan even did a Tigger bounce at the trainer and given he is now 65kgs or 10 stone 3lb, that’s some bounce believe me!

Dyls being Contrary Mary decided she would do recall perfectly!

Back to sit and stay and we did it individually.

Ruby the black lab managed 40 seconds. Molly did the minute. Aslan did the minute. Teddy the Norwich Terrier did ten seconds then ran over to Dylan. My girl is definitely Miss Popularity.

But, Zeke the German Shepherd could have done three hours. He did not move. He laid down. In fact I’m sure he was snoring!

Then came Dylan. The trainer as usual leaving us till last. Dylan did a minute and looked triumphant as if to say “See can do it – if I want to”. In fact she stuck her tongue out as we walked back past the trainer!

Then came a decision that divided the trainers.

Our trainer decided that Molly and Dylan would definitely NOT be taking the test next week. We weren’t ready. Only Zeke Aslan and controversially Ruby would be sitting the test.

Cue the other trainer leaping from her seat and yelling, “But Molly and Dylan did it – and Dylan was the only one that did a perfect recall. Ruby and Aslan aren’t ready either”.

The trainers were in disarray and disagreement. Like a messy protest when a ref allows a dodgy goal, everyone clustered around our trainer pleading their case.

Well everyone except Molly and Dylan. The girlband decided they were too cool to get involved in this ruckus and instead chose to have their own little fur blur play off.

Our trainer was adamant- she wants everyone to pass first time and of course keep her clean record so that was that. We are not taking the test.

Mollies mum has a theory that the trainer wants to keep the girls in her class and not let them go, as they are the most entertaining part of her week!

Hmm a comforting thought, but not totally convinced given Dyls has peed and thrown up on the poor woman!

Instead she’s setting up a separate date for Dyls, Molly and Boo to take the test sometime before Christmas.

Which means that our three girls are officially the longest serving pupils in puppy class plus! To clarify it’s been ten months. Ten long months!

We have seen other puppies come and go, but our girls are still here. And I suspect may be still here this time next year.

So tonight it was a cheeky Cab Sav brought back from our latest trip to France and like a possessed stage mum work out how we are ever going to move on from puppy class plus.

Though clearly Dyls does not give a damn! After all to her, it’s her Monday night social club!

6 thoughts on “Dylan gets dropped!

  1. Adorable Dyls! I would expect nothing less than this from her.
    I say, enjoy the craziness she brings because one day she will settle in (about 10 years) and you will miss all this excitement! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Another great Dyls story in the books! ❀️😁❀️

    Liked by 1 person

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