I think we’ve broken her!

After tonight, I think our poor trainer has finally admitted defeat!

And strangely it wasn’t just down to Dylan- though of course, the little monster did pull quite a few moves out of the bag! Literally!

Following last week when we were told Dylan wasn’t ready to take her Bronze Good Citizen, the trainer had a change of heart and this week told us we would be taking the test after all!

Yay go us!

Though I have a sneaking suspicion it’s more that she’s hoping against hope we pull it off and move to the next class – and a new trainer.

As usual Dylan did her meet and greet and was most displeased that she got stopped before she’d had a chance to jump on every puppy in the room – most notably her favourite Aslan the Leonberger who was back this week.

The trainer wasn’t hanging about, she was determined we’d get straight down to business.

Which did not suit Dyls at all, who gave her major stink eye – how dare she interrupt Dylan’s socialising.

So tonight was all about sit/down and stay. One of the key elements to the test.

Now Dyls doesn’t do down – never has unless she fancies a bit of a lie down and a scratch.

So she sits. The other puppies do down. Dyls looks at them with contempt.

But she stays for the full minute even when I step five paces away from her.

And it was me that got told off because despite Dyls staying, which when she does I am always waiting for her to start doing zoomies and getting into trouble – yes I know it’s hard to imagine – I told her to stay twice which as the trainer sharply told me, is against the rules!

Seems Dyls is not the only rebel in class!

Boycie the French bulldog was first to break ranks after about twenty seconds.

The trainer reset him. But he was having none of it.

Boo the Cavapoo broke ranks next. The trainer tried to reset her into a sit, but Boo shuffled across to her mum, her little bottom sliding along the floor in her sitting version of Dylan’s favourite mop move.

Aslan rolled onto his belly. Ruby the black lab sat for almost a minute before getting up squatting and having a wee.

Dylan still sat neatly and yawned as if to say “Oh come on, this is sooo boring!”.

The trainer looked under pressure – three weeks from the test and no one, apart from Dyls was behaving.

And we all know how that can change in a millisecond.

Off lead recall was next. I think the other puppies have been on their mobiles to Dylan during the week as not a single one of them went to their owners.

The trainer ran her hands through her hair.

Dylan was next. Actually Dylan did come when called. But did it ever so slowly, ambling along at a pace not usually associated with Welshies.

It was as if she was deliberately time wasting.

The trainer looked more frazzled by the second.

Back to sit and stay and Dyls had decided enough was enough.

She disowned me. Wouldn’t look at me, certainly wasn’t listening to me, instead her beady little eyes were darting round the room sending out telepathic messages to the other puppies who started bouncing around – and when 9 stone Aslan starts bouncing you know it!

By this time the trainers hair was standing on end – for UK readers, think comedian Ken Dodd.

Dyls then decided to start a bark off and didn’t stop.

It was complete chaos!

Off lead walk round the room. Usually the other pups do well.

Tonight there must have been something in the air, as they all decided to do their own thing, racing here and there.

The trainer looked frazzled.

Dyls was up last. Would say it was leaving the best till last but in reality we know it’s the opposite.

Dyls started well, but once again someone had left a cotton carrier bag on the floor.

Which in Dylan world is a thing that needs to be explored.

Yep you guessed, she spied it, dashed over and had it in her mouth and was off.

As I’ve blogged about in a previous post, this girl does like to have something in her mouth whenever the opportunity arises.

Just ask my friends Mois and Rich in France – think they are still looking for their tv remote and half their Tupperware!

In fact her full title should be ‘Dylan what have you got in your mouth now!’

Despite the fact it was three times bigger than her, Dylan dragged it round the room, pulled it under a bench and began unloading its contents.

Much to her dismay – no sausages, no toys, just a few boxes. Didn’t stop her tossing them round the room though.

The trainer looked a broken woman.

“You’ve all been little toads tonight. I expect it of you”. Mmm no prizes whom that was directed at.

“But as for the rest of you….”

She started muttering “Three weeks to go, just three weeks”.

The other trainer put a consoling hand on her shoulder.

“Let’s go get a drink “.

And there it is. We have all driven the poor trainer to drink.

Dyls and I went home. I uncorked the red wine – I got driven to drinking on a Monday nearly a year ago when puppy class began so I guess the trainer has done well resisting for this long.

Dyls chased the cats and when they escaped her, ran off with their bowls no doubt to hide them in the garden.

If only there was an award for what a puppy can put in it’s mouth.

We’d be going for gold!

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