France has been hit by storm Dylan!

So it’s been nearly three weeks since I took Dylan out of school (aka puppy class) early and we headed to France for the summer.

And what a few weeks it’s been!

Thanks to her Welshie cousins, Harley and Wiglet, Dyls is getting quite an education – a bit like a French finishing school in naughtiness!

So far Dylan has taught her cousins it’s fun to steal things like glasses, tv remotes from a table or the cats bowl from the kitchen floor and run around the garden with it in your mouth – I swear she is saying “Chase me, chase me” as she does it.

In return, Wiglet whom we refer to as the serial killer, has taught Dylan that sticking your head through a gap in the chicken wire and pulling a few feathers from a chickens tail is great fun.

But even better fun is trying to bite a cow when it wanders too close to the fence. Wiglet may look cute, but in her mind there’s nothing she can’t take on. You can hear her thinking “Mmm I can have you, I’m a Welshie”.

Even when the cow brought her mates over and started to look threatening, Wiglet aided by her little protégée Dylan, was not intimidated, unlike us wimpy humans who scurried indoors with the feisty Welshie girls – I am beginning to think boy Welshies are more laid back as Harley was happily munching on a treat while this chaos ensued!

Dyls is having a great time, even if my friends have started calling her “Oh no” due to the fact that’s what they say when they hear the pitter patter of puppy paws and Dyls appears – usually with something she shouldn’t have in her mouth!

And that’s a cue to open yet another bottle of Cab Sav!

We’ve got through quite a few thus far!

Dylan’s also started swimming. We began by putting her in a little blow up plane on the water.

She liked being Captain Dylan. And quite happily floated round the pool.

But with the temperatures in the 30s it was time for Dyls to take the plunge!

Before she got in the water her little legs were going nineteen to the dozen. I held her like a nervous mum, but then she was off motoring round the pool like Michael Phelps!

Shame she doesn’t move as fast when she’s doing recall at puppy class where her speed is slow or stop!

And there’s news from puppy class. Dotty, the madcap Spaniel and Eddie, the cockerpoo have just passed their Bronze Good Citizen Award.

So the pressures on when we get back, as Dyls needs to up her game.

Next week we are checking out a French puppy class – Zut alors!

Not sure how that will go, as today we met a couple who took their Cavalier Spaniel to French puppy class and he got banned after the first week for weeing on the floor!

Oh dear are they ready for Dylan!

Hide the mops, the little monster is coming!



4 thoughts on “France has been hit by storm Dylan!

  1. I love Dyls’ airplane. i think Miss Muffit needs one of those too–maybe she’ll become a transatlantic pilot and fly us to England for a meet and greet! Happy hols!

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