Love it when a plan goes…..wrong!

We were ready. We were prepared. We were going to conquer puppy class. Dyls and I were gonna rock!

Yeah well I ended up in a broom cupboard and Dyls got put on the naughty step, oh, and Boo the Cavapoo got sent home!

So much for planning!

And boy, had we planned. A walk later later than usual so Dyls could burn off some energy, upping the ante on treats with chopped up chicken, and hip flask in case of emergencies. What could possibly go wrong?

Some good news though Teeny Tilly the Chug has realised that resistance is futile has waved the white flag and stopped snarling at Dyls and the rest of the girls.

Anyway back to class and there was a frisson of excitement in the air, as it was the last day of term as due to the Easter holidays there is no class next week. Even the trainer was smiling! Mmm wonder why!

So we started very simply checking over your dog. We do this most weeks never a problem. Except this week Boo the cavapoos mum got a bit more than she’d bargained for! Seems Boo has come into season. And even though Jasper the black lab is the only boy on the class and is more interested in food than girls – the trainer checked and waved a red card – Boo was sent home.

Dyls looked bereft! Out of all the girlband, Boo is her favourite- probably because Dyls can get Boo to play with her rather than do the exercises.

So in a way I took this as potentially a good thing – one less distraction. Fool!

We started sit and stay for 30 seconds. Dyls managed ten before she got bored and rolled over and, in a first for puppy class passed wind! Lovely! Such a lady – not.

Down stay was next and as Dyls was already lying down you’d think that would be ok. But nope, Dyls decided she’d rather stand. The trainer came over, used every trick she knew but Dyls stubbornly refused to even sit. “Ooh you are a little toad” said the trainer as she walked off, but I could see she was trying not to laugh.

Next off lead recall. Aha time to use the chicken! Yay! It worked Dylan came whizzing over to me and did the perfect sit at the end! Success!

If only we had stopped there when we were ahead. But we had to do it again. Dylan went in the opposite direction towards the door – possibly looking for Boo.

I kept calling her, Dyls had gone selectively deaf. The trainer pointed Dyls in the right direction, I called Dylan just stood there and yawned, then had a scratch.

“Right” said the trainer “go into the broom cupboard then call her.” So off I sloped, saying “bye Dylan”.

Dyls looked at me as if to say “whatever” and carried on having a sniff round the hall, doing a mid class meet and greet and jump on all the other puppies – meanwhile I am in the cupboard wishing I hadn’t left the hip flask in my bag, calling her and being ignored.

At least I know Dyls doesn’t suffer from abandonment issues!

Finally she made her way over to the cupboard gave me a look that said “why on Earth are you in there?” then realised there was a mop – and Dylan’s partial to those – went straight past me and grabbed said mop and started to drag it into the hall.

By this point the entire class even the trainer – were laughing. I think we now know what our role is in puppy class.

So onto the gate – the others did it perfectly – though Teeny Tilly did show some signs of rebellion – much to Dyls delight who stood up on her hind legs and waved her front paws in appreciation.

Then it was our turn. Again first time perfection. Second time and Dyls boofed the gate, knocked it over and broke it. Tilted her head looked at me looked at the trainer and did a Welshie smile.

So for the first time in puppy class history apparently we got a time out. Sent to the end of the hall to reflect on our behaviour. Well except Dylan was bouncing around like Tigger looking very pleased with herself.

And it did make me remember that the reason I got thrown out of the Brownies was for breaking the toadstool- so maybe it’s a case of like mother like daughter!

The trainer came over “Believe it it not Dylan is showing progress”

Really! Are you sure!

“She’s a Welshie, that makes her the most intelligent dog in this room. She knows she can do it, she just chooses not to. Often people don’t understand these dogs. Keep practising over the holidays”

Oh I think the trainer and I both understand Dyls only too well.

Meanwhile Dylan clearly had decided it had a been a while so wandered off and did a little poo in the corner – an early Easter gift for the class.

And so we are now on a break – two weeks before puppy class resumes and are off to France to meet up with Harley and Wiglet two Welshies who could have invented the word mischief. But hey ho at least I can stock up on some good French wine for our return!

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