It was all going so well…

Last week Dylan was named puppy of the night- it seemed that nine weeks of tantrums and trials were finally a thing of the past. We were on our way to glory and moving up to the next stage of puppy class to join Dylan’s other friends, Eddie the cockerpoo and Martha the miniature Schnauzer, was surely only a couple of weeks away. On the way to puppy class I gave Dylan a pep talk or maybe pup talk, in the car. Along the lines of – “You did it last week, you can do it again. Go in there and knock it out the park”. Dyls just yawned! Was that a yawn of yeah I know, yeah I might or yeah good luck with that !

As Dylan and I arrived Dotty the Spaniels dad, who wasn’t there last week came over. “I heard Dylan was the star of puppy class. Can’t wait to see her in action this week.” Mmm be careful what you wish for…

Boo and Molly the two Cavapoos turned up and there was much leaping , jumping and play fighting, with Dotty launching herself on the other girls and rolling over. She’s now the biggest of the girl band, but definitely the ditiziest. It was, as someone else described it, a fur blur!

So we go into class, the four girls leading the way scampering into the hall to get their seats first. The other two class members, Jasper a handsome black lab sat to the left, and Tilly, the teeny but fiery Chug sat to the right – and snarled and barked at Molly. Our girls sat together in the middle. Oh no” said the trainer, “you four need to be split up, you’re here to work not play”. With that the band were busted! And with the evil look Dyls gave her, I knew it was going to be a long night.

We started with sit and stay for ten seconds – well it was never going to happen tonight. Dyls decided she’d rather make friends with (or should that be introduce to the dark side) Basil, the trainers dog, who was lying so placidly at the side of the hall. In fact I think he was asleep, but his doggy dreams turning into nightmares when Dylan jumped on him . And Dyls in no lightweight now – her chubby, wobbly bottom makes her the Kim Kardashian of the Welshie world.

The trainer came to take over. Dylan jumped at her. She did her firmest sit stay voice but Dyls ignored her and kept bouncing! As she walked away I heard her muttering “Ooh she’s a wilful little Welshie! “

Meanwhile, Boo’s mum in an effort to get Boo to sit had really upped her game on the treat front , bringing a small container of chicken leftover from yesterday’s roast. A decision she would later regret….

The gate went OK, Dyls going through it ever sooooo slowly. Off lead heel walk and Dylan did it but again at her pace -think tortoise. The trainer said “don’t worry Dylan we have another 35 minutes of class take your time.” So Dylan did – about the only instruction she listened to tonight!

We then played a game – walk, then sit and the last to sit was first out and had to go to the middle of the room. Yep you guessed it – Dylan walked then decided she’d rather lay down than sit. Off we went out of the game, closely followed by Molly, Boo and Dotty. At which point we realised that our four puppies had been at puppy class the longest. Jasper and Teeny Tilly have only been coming for about three weeks and already are overtaking us. Oh dear!

Teeny Tilly won and walked past our four still snarling. Dylan gave her a look that said WTF we don’t care you’ve won. Boo’s mum turned to me and said “We used to have terriers, I’m sure when Dylan looks at Tilly she just sees lunch!” Eek!

And then came off lead recall. Dylan eyeing me up across the room like a gunslinger in a Western. Giving me stink eye as she looked at the puppy coaching biscuits I had brought as her treat. Then Dylan turned and stared at Boo who had chicken. Seemed food was definitely on Dylan’s mind. My brain clicked and like seeing a film in my head, I knew what was coming. And it did.

Dylan flew down the hall, past me, flattened and slid under the chairs and emerged triumphant with the container filled with Boo’s chicken in her mouth and ran off round the hall throwing it in the air and catching it perfectly – which was more than three of us could do with Dylan who then went into zoomie mode still without dropping the chicken! At which point Boo, who was off lead but being held by her mum waiting her turn at recall, broke free and started chasing Dyls round the hall! Probably thinking thats my chicken you cheeky little sod!

So yes the wine was poured before my coat came off tonight and the moral of the story is next week bring better snacks! Or a hip flask!img_1165

7 thoughts on “It was all going so well…

  1. I’d go with better snacks and a hip flask,enough to share! Dylan my girl you remind us to live life to the fullest!


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