Snow, a BIG surprise and Shiraz! Oh and we find a leading man!

E1B8768E-A213-4CD9-8BD0-6EBA6A77CF75Tonight something surprising happened at puppy class. Nope put away the champagne in anticipation that Dylan, for once, behaved. Those corks can stay corked!
We did think class could be cancelled as there’s been snow – and in the soft southern part of the UK – that usually puts a stop to everything. But puppy class is not for wimps. So off we went.IMG_0476.JPG
Much to Dylan’s dismay, Martha the Schnauzer and Eddie the cockerpoo were still on the missing list. Even Boo from last week was a no show. I wonder is it Dylan or bad weather that’s wiping out puppy class!
Putting her disappointment behind her Dylan headed
for Dotty the Spaniel. Now Dyls has dodged Dotty ever since the incident a few weeks back when Dyls destroyed Foxy, which was Dotty’s favourite toy. Possibly Dylan is feeling a sense of guilt over that (yeah right!).
Luckily Dotty didn’t seem to bear a grudge and soon they were bouncing off the floor, the walls – and with the ceiling being a distinct possibility.
So we start. Sit, stand, down. Yay Dylan did it – well almost. She got the moves but in her own order – stand, down/rollover, sit/slouch. And in between, she bounced on Dotty.

The dreaded gate – and this week Dylan decided she was going to slide through it on her belly.
Off lead recall and Dylan wandered nonchalantly over to me, with a look that said ‘Ok, if I must, but who are you again? Yep thanks for that Dyls!
On our way back Dylan stopped off for a quick nuzzle at Dotty and then strangely sat rather demurely at my feet and stared intently as Dotty did her recall. And what a recall it was…
Dotty sped off like a greyhound, flew past her mum, leapt in the air landing on the lap of the other trainer who was sitting quietly doing paperwork. Cannot tell you how much I loved that moment… Yay…It’s not just us…until I felt two paws in my knee. Dylan was virtually doing a high five and giving me that oh so special Welshie smile. OMG! I am raising a master manipulator! We’ve been watching House of Cards and I reckon it’s rubbed off! World watch out!
At this point the trainer came over. “I have a surprise for Dylan, she needs a mentor and to be honest you’ll be 93 before you train her!” Thanks, I might add I am nowhere near 93 – just saying! Though not sure if that makes her comment worse!
Suddenly, the doors swung open and there stood Dylan’s mentor. A gorgeous, handsome grown up Welshie called Ollie. I have to say that everyone in the class went wow! Ollie and his dad came over. Dylan was beside herself with excitement. It was as if she were saying to the other puppies, look these are my people, as other Welshies seem to be the only dogs she behaves around and wants to impress.

And in a strange twist, I was telling
Ollie’s dad how I came to fall in love with Welshies after meeting my friend Moisy and Rich Swindell’s two – Harley and Wiglet inFrance last summer.  And he laughed as he told me Ollie’s nickname is Wiglet! I am taking that as a sign! Here is the gorgeous original French Wiglet! B4B4E8D1-60D8-43AB-A0AE-1A1804750068.jpeg

So we lined up for the last exercise – off lead walk-sit-walk. Dylan did not take her eyes off Ollie and was textbook. Ollie sat at the edge of the mat like a doggy version of a football coach not taking his eyes off Dylan! He hugged her when she finished her lap. His dad and I did a high five! The trainer muttered – thought that might work! The other puppy parents cheered! It was emotional!
But let’s not get carried away. Ollie is about to do his Gold Good Citizens. I asked his dad how long has it taken for Ollie to become so well trained. “Well he’s five now, so about four and half years – good luck!”.
So it’s the long haul for Dyls and it’s the Shiraz for me and a google search for shares in a vineyard! Think I’m gonna need it….And this week we’re off to the groomers and after the last time…(shudders) … to be continued….IMG_0111.JPG


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