Oh no! It’s puppy gate!

IMG_0519So Dylan is officially the naughtiest in the class. We have a German shepherd, a spaniel, a cockerpoo, a cavapoo plus of course…Dylan the Welshie. Tonight Dylan slid across the parquet floor again on her arse…trainer told me I wasn’t being firm enough when Dyls wouldn’t do down …tried to show me how to do it and gave up when Dyls still refused to do anything but stand Instead of going through the gate Dylan decided to push it over then jumped on the back of Eddie the cockerpoo – who is huge for his age -before finally doing a wee as she left the hall – sort of saying goodnight my work here is done!
But she killed the off lead recall!
Oh and I am back home and back on the Monday night post puppy class wine!
Next week we have been told to bring a toy….uh oh….!

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